About The Program

This event is supposed to bring together the professionals and enthusiasts who with their own hands shape the future of the Sexual Health & Technology industry. Guests are gathering to learn best practices of the industry from each other, get fresh ideas, discuss what works and what doesn’t define the next steps to grow their companies and the field together. 

Are you tired of covid as much as we are? Good news! We invite you to spend 7 days with us on the Gran Canaria island in Spain on a little getaway workation. 


This event is for everybody who creates Sexual Health & Technology today and/or wants to be a part of it tomorrow, the industry with huge potential, expected to reach $125.1 billion by 2026. 

We will get together to exchange knowledge, see the new angles to reach the growth targets faster and more effectively, and have some fun!


You have the unique opportunity to recharge your batteries, learn something new, and most importantly to look differently at what you’re doing on a daily basis.  


This event is all about new business partners and new opportunities. It does not matter if you are a company founder, a professional working for one of the companies, or just starting your adventure. We are welcoming everybody – professionals, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, educators, and all lovers of sex tech, wellness, health, and adult businesses.


We crafted the program as a blend of business and fun. Guests will have a unique opportunity to hear the case studies from the industry leaders sharing their experience in battling this censored digital landscape. The unofficial part of the program will include time on the beach, climbing, diving, and enjoying life together.